Not a goodbye , but a see you

Finally I made it after one month to write something new. Sorry for the long wait, but I needed time to realized how amazing this semester was J

Seoul is a great city, not only in size but also itself. Seou

l and especially Chung Ang University gave me so much. I felt welcome since the first day, everyone tried to help me in the best way they could. I never felt that I was alone the life on the campus was one best four month which I had. I met so many people, good people, crazy people and amazing people. Everyone one of them made my exchange a little better and greater. I felt like I found a family abroad, in another culture, with other names (some of them really hard to pronounce, but I made it after one month). They showed me new things and I started to open up for new experience. I eat living octopus, sang Korean karaoke (I’m really bad in singing), played Korean drinking games, participated in cultural festivals and learned to eat with chopsticks. Everyone of this experience changed me, I developed a new view for other cultures and started to understand that differences are there to be overcome and learned to communicated over this given boundaries. Korea is not anymore unfamiliar country for me it is a new home, a place where I feel welcome and where I evolved my character and my personality towards a global person.

For everyone who decides to take a step in the world, I can recommend only, be open and start to speak to strangers, try everything and do everything with a smile. Then when you take this risk, you can call the world your home and not only one place where you were born.

Thanks for the amazing semester, thanks Korea, Seoul and the amazing people, which I could share my experience


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