Midterms and the University

Hey the week of the midterms arrived and we had a lot to study, not like the Koreans because they started already in March and stayed in the library for the whole time and the week before the midterms they lived on the campus. The midterms are a normal way to evaluate the grades and to look how far the students are with their studies. For exchange students they tests are in English and they are composed of multiply choice and open question. The grades evaluation depends on the faculty and there can be given only a certain amount of A+. This means that only five out of ten students can get an A and not more. This is a reason why Koreans study the double then us, because the competition for the grades is stronger. Another strange thing is that the students in the dormitory receive free food on their rooms that they don’t have to leave it to take a break. The next thing is that most of the courses are suspended turning the week of the midterms, so the students have more hours to prepare them self. Also the method of studying is different we learn to understand the things and to use them in our daily life. The Korean method is like copy and paste. The memories the whole book and paste everything on the exam sheet what they know without missing something.

When the midterms finish the whole atmosphere change on the campus the people are more relaxed but I think only for one week, because the final exam start in June and they have to learn again.

Here are some pictures of the university that you have a better picture of the whole. In the Chung Ang University there are a total of 24.000 to 29.000 students and the build every year a new building to expand the university itself. In the ranking the university is on the 7th place in South Korea and the Seoul Nationality University is only one subway station away. The campus there is the double of ours and you need more than a half hour to go from one end to the other, but Chung Ang wants to be on the top and it’s trying hard. Also the have famous departments like mass communication and economics, there field in international studies is also wide. For students how wants to learn from different culture in Asia is certainly the wright place.

For a more relaxing picture of the University and to take you the fear of the hard test here some picture of the cherry blossom trees that bloom around the campus.

Here the address of the University when you want to look it up on Google maps and here the website of the University for taking a glance on the courses and the life.


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