Karaoke, Fishmarket and other stuff…

Hi this week was fun, I tried new things and saw a lot of stuff and I want to give you a small overview what you can try out.

Today we went to the fish market in Noryangjin. We went there with some korean that we met yesterday, the help us a lot, because is really hard to order a living octopus when you can’t explain your self. First we looked around to find a good one and then we decided  to take 9 small one. We paid and went to a restaurant, were the prepared the octopus. When we received the plates, the octopus moved and was really hard to grab with the chopsticks and he tried to escape. After a long fight I finally had one and I put it in my mouth. It started to grab my tongue and didn’t wanted let it go. The korean guy said that we must first chew it and then swallow it.

The octopus it self tasted like nothing, the only strange thing is when is moving in your mouth 🙂

The next thing what I tried, was karaoke in korean style. We booked a room and looked for english song, in the time we started to sing korean songs, with strange sounds, but it was really funny, because everyone wanted to tried it and nobody could sing, expect one, is was fun.

On Sunday I went to visit the national  folk museum of Korean in  Jongno-gu The museum itself is a big palace with stone statues and a temple in the middle. There is the chines zodiac to, were you can see

which sign you are, from dragon to ape.

The other thing what I saw on this day, was president Obama, driving with a big car caravan through the district, because there is the nuclear summit from the 26th to the 27th.


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