The life of a student in seoul

I’m not only South Korea for the sightseeing, but also for my studys. The University what I attend for one semester is the Chung Ang University.

Before I came to Korea, I asked my buddy, how big is the campus and what size is it in Korea. He said is small and not so big. But when i saw it the first time and he said to me, that every faculty has it one building with 11 floors. In comparison to my university, we have one building with one floor, and that’s everything.

The campus it’s self has a lot to offer. There a lot of shop and restaurants in the near where you can eat and on the campus itself are cheap places, where you can eat a burger and korean food for less than 2000 won.  This week the started do offer club activities, you can join a club and can do a lot of different things. For every member more the are really happy and you hear them clapping, when some one signs the list.

The class and the courses are different. I attend only english class, because I don’t speak korean but the teacher have a really bad pronunciation, and sometimes you don’t understand what the want to say. The other thing is the explain the stuff two times, one time in english and the other time in korean, because not all the other students can speak really good english. Also when the teacher starts a lesson, he tells first that it class is not so interesting and we could leave when we want, and his english is not so good. It is not good to hear that in every class what you have, that the teacher him self says that his class sucks.

On the other hand, we have a lot of group projects. We make a short scene of a tv series and we watch old black and white movies to understand Korea better.

The best course in the moment is the korean class, is only strange that for two days we try only to make the right sounds, and sometimes its sound like, that we are going to puke. But I hope that after the four months of stay in South Korea, I can have a light conversation with Koreans.


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