Interesting facts for the stay in South Korea

I will give you some facts for the stay in South Korea. First of all mobile phones are not working in South Korea. I don’t know why but you have no signal here. I thought when I bring my Samsung phone with me, I can use it, because is a South Korean brand. The only function what my mobile phone has is to work as clock, that I don’t  oversleep my classes.

Second thing is you receive everywhere chimchi. It taste bitter and is red. Everybody says you have to try it every day and at the end you start to like it, but I don’t want, the taste is not suited for me.

The next thing is, that trash cans are really hard to find, is like the don’t exist in South Korea, but on the other hand the city is really clean.

When you want to go to eat something, go with a Korean, because the most people don’t speak English and you can order only what you are good in explaining with hands and feet, or you are an artist to draw food and animals.


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