Resumè of the last week

Now I found the time to write down my experience and tell you about the other days and strange information for South Korea.

After the days were I beat my jet lack, I started sightseeing. I uploaded some picture. Excuse my chaos, but this is the first time that I write a blog and is more complicated than I thought.

Ok, now back to the hot spots, where I went. First I visit the royal palace of the Korean king, when Korea was invaded by the Japanese. The Name is Geunjeongjeon. The entrance fee is 1000 Won and is near the city hall. Is a great place to start sightseeing, it’s not too big and you can take good pictures. After we left the palace, we went to the shopping street of Myeongdong. Here you can eat street food and taste some Korean sweets, everything fresh handmade. I found nothing, what I could buy, because everything was pink, or there was a Pikachu on it.

The next destination was the fish market,is really big and you can buy living fish and squid. You can also buy a small octopus and can eat it alive. I don’t know that I want to try this, but mabey at the end. (certainly I make some good pictures)

The other places that we went, was the coex, a big shopping mall and the aquarium. Was nice, but nothing special. You can do it when you don’t know where to go.

Now the night life, the`re to big streets where you can go out. One is Hongdae and the other one is Gangnam.
In Hongdae you can go to octagon, is a new night club and the music is good. We went to the octagon be for midnight and didn’t pay entrance fee. What I saw from the korean dance style, was not much. But was good for me because I’m not a good dancer either.

I can say this was the first week for me.


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