First days in South Korea

Hi Guys, I’m really late to post my first experience, because I was so busy the last week, but I want to show you how it was and want kind of things I learned.
My flight was 10 and half hour and was OK. In the plane the said don’t take pictures of the airport, I don’t know why, but nobody could explain it to me. After that we took a bus to my university for the coming semester and I saw a little bit of the city. We drove along the Han River which divides Seoul in the north and the south. Seoul is a little bit yellow because of the cold weather, but in the warmer months is going to be green.
Arrived at our bus stop, we climb the hill to the dormitory. We had only time to put our stuff in the room and the buddies took us to the bank, to buy sheets and show us the campus, and the campus is really big. After this speed tour through the campus, I wanted to go to sleep but is not good to fight the jet lack. Best thing what you can do is to go out five days in a row and you can do it, because the next day you don’t have a hangover from the beer, like in Europe. On the other hand you meet a lot of people and you learn to know the other exchange students.
The second day was not so busy. I met my buddy and we went to a shopping center and some to buy I camera, because I want to show pictures of the place where I was, on the other hand I don’t know the names yet and it easier to say look this, than I was at Jongno-gu. The metro system is really good and is easy to visit the city.
The next days I didn’t do much, only sleeping and we went out a dozen times, but it’s a good strategy to beat the jet lack.
This is my first experience in South Korea, but don’t worry there is coming more and I hope that I have enough time to write everything down.


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