Not a goodbye , but a see you

Finally I made it after one month to write something new. Sorry for the long wait, but I needed time to realized how amazing this semester was J

Seoul is a great city, not only in size but also itself. Seou

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Sorry that it took so long to write something new 🙂

the finals are like the midterms, only that the count more that the other tests. The finals start in the last two weeks of june and include everything new learned since the midterms. But don’t be desperate when you start to learn, a week before is time enough to start with learning. You have to take only in consideration that the test are different than in europe. Here you have to memorize everything, every little tiny word and write it on the test, they are not asking that you understand the stuff, but they ask that you can repeat it like it was written in the book.
I can say that my finals went good and that it sounds harder than it is. Don’t lose hope everything is going to work out.

Jeju Island

Jeju is an island in the south of Korea and is the largest island. The island has natural World Heritage Site is really famous for its nature, especially are Cheonjeyeon and Cheonjiyeon waterfalls, Mount Halla, Hyeobje cave (largest cave in the World and one of the World Heritage Site) and also many small islands, which are surrounding Jeju. Continue reading

Floating island

The Floating island are in the near of the Banpo Bridge and is the nation’s first artificial island that floats on the surface of the Hangang River. On the island there are three buildings with different themed islets. The names of the islets are Visat, Viva and Terra and they have different function.

They first, Vista, has the shape of a blooming flower and it is a multi-functional cultural facility, which is used as venue for performance, international conferences, exhibitions and so forth. The second building, Viva, looks like a flower bud and is used as event zone including Beat Square. The third and last, Terra; takes the form of a seed. Here you find water sport facilities and outdoor garden. You can also take some pictures of the hang river.

Around the Floating Island are LED lights, which are used to feature a fantastic night view and to illuminate the buildings. Between May and August the Banpo Bridge is a big spectacle, because for an hour the illuminate the bride, play classic music and water is coming out of the sides of the bridge.

Lotte World

Lotte World is an amusement park in the middle of Seoul and is the world’s largest indoor theme park which is open all year around. There is also an outdoor amusement park called “Magic Island”, an artificial island a lake linked by monorail, shopping malls and other stuff for a whole day trip.

The Lotte World is located at the Jamsil Station, on the Line 2 and Line. The Entrance is around 40,000 to 23,000 Won. As Student you can get a discount with your Korean Student card and your Woori Bank card, what you make when you arrive in Korea with your buddy. At the first the park looks really childish and you see everywhere mascots and fluffy stuff, but on the magic island you can find some good rides, that are more suited for older people. Go there early or late in the afternoon, because the park is always full and the lines for the attraction can be one hour long. At night the park is a good picture spot, there is a castle which is illuminated in different colors and there is an ice skating rink in the middle of the building.

A good advice don’t go with people who are higher than 1.90, because the rides a constructed for Koreans.

Zoo in Seoul

The Zoo is in Namtaeryeong, the Station of the subway is called Seoul Grand Park  and is on the Line 1.

The Seoul Grand Park consists of three different areas, one of Education, Natural Culture and Amusement. In the Amusement district you find the Zoo. It’s the first Zoo in South Korea and was built 1909 and is one of the ten largest Zoos in the world.  The Zoo keeps over 3,400 individual animals belonging to about 360 species from all over the world, including rare species, such as lowland gorilla.

There is also a Greenhouse plant garden to give the visitors a feeling of a forest and the walkway of the zoo is 7.4 km long. The zoo itself is surrounded by mountains and you don’t feel like to be in Seoul. When you don’t want to walk anymore back to the main entrance you can take a cable car for 9000 Won. The entrance for the Zoo is 3000 won and when you arrive at the right time you can enjoy a seal and dolphin show. The Zoo is also a good spot for the Cherry Blossoms and offer in the different season different things.

The Zoo is a good way to enjoy a relaxing time, take a blanket and a pick nick basket with you and relax next to the river between all the animals.